Waiting Children

Here is a current list of waiting children with HIV.

For more information on a particular child/ren please write waitingkids@projecthopeful.org

8 responses to “Waiting Children

  1. There is a child we are interested in to bring home. My question is Is your income from your job the only means by the USCIS income chart? What other things could be used as income to meet their 125% list?

    • Hello Nance,

      Thank you for your question. We are not an adoption agency, so I can’t say for certain, but I believe that all income is taken into consideration; whatever would count as your Adjusted Gross Income. But again, that’s just my own personal understanding…not a legal or professional statement. You’ll want to contact a local adoption agency to confirm that. Thanks! Jennifer K.

  2. Julianna Wiseman

    What INS is basically concerned about is are you able to financially complete the Circle of Care for your Family that you already have.

    As well as the Incoming Child or Children.

  3. i,m also hiv+.30yr,i never expected to see 5yr,i,m lucky no med,s yet,i,m looking to do charity make money for the kids,i,m in london,if poss i,d take every child,please give me any idea to make money hopefuly before xmas,sonya.

  4. I,m looking for a young child,a girl,i,ve a lot to time offer a child,can u please let me no the catogary u must fit in,i think that it,s not how much do u have do u have your own shop,it,s terrible that there are rules that take nearly a year and at this time 100,s of kids could have been adopted,

  5. Hi,i,m trying to find a way to help these kids,if it,s poss r they allowed holidays,friends or mail via the orphanage,i,d like to adopt if poss,if not i,d like to find a way to help,please let me no.sonya

  6. I am not able to access the link to waiting children.

  7. Can you tell me how to access the waiting children list.

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