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Meet-Up Monday: Meet our Georgia State Associate, Amy Levy

Today I get to introduce you to our State Associate for Georgia, Amy Levy.  If you would like to contact your State Associate or would like to find out how to begin a State Association in your state, please contact Deanna Jones Falchook, National Associate Director at Deanna@projecthopeful.org.

PH: Tell us a little about yourself and how long you’ve lived in Georgia:
Amy: I am married to my high school sweetheart, Court.  We have 4 children.  Two of our children came to us through adoption and two through birth.  We have also been foster parents to 7 children who have all moved on to other places.  We adopted once through the US foster care system and once through international adoption in Uganda.  We are currently in the process of adopting a sibling group of 3 in Uganda.

PH: How did you first hear about Project HOPEFUL?
Amy:I first heard about Project HOPEFUL through Erin Henderson’s blog about her family. Her blog was my first exposure to updated,current information about HIV and I have been passionate about spreading TRUTH since that time.

PH: How did you develop an interest in HIV adoption advocacy?
Amy: It has burdened me for several years that there is so much unnecessary fear and misinformation in the US society, as well as world wide, regarding HIV and I felt very passionate about helping to spread facts and truth. It made me feel so awful that children were being passed over for adoption because of their HIV status.

PH: Can you tell us more about your family’s adoption journey?

Amy: As I mentioned before, I began to read blogs of families who had adopted children who are HIV positive.  I supported them and spread the word about their families, their adoptions, and facts about HIV in general.  But honestly, adopting children who are HIV positive was something other people were doing. Then we began the process to adopt in Uganda and heard about a little girl who needed a family and she was HIV+.  It hit us like a ton of bricks.  I had been advocating so loudly for these children when it wasn’t a reality for ME.  Suddenly it was real for ME.  My husband and I met with a doctor who treats children who are HIV+ in our area and asked all of our questions and had so much peace after our meeting.  We decided to move forward with adopting this little girl and as they say, the rest is history.  I cannot imagine our life without her in it.

PH: What about Project HOPEFUL are you the most passionate about?
Amy: Encouraging people to release fear and replace it with truth.

PH: What do you want your fellow states-people to know about HIV adoption?
Amy:I would love for people to know that much of the information floating around about HIV is FALSE.  We have even encountered physicians who do not know about HIV.  I would also love for them to know that it is so easy to get current information.  Just google “HIV transmission” and spend 5 minutes reading.  Lastly, I would love for every person in my state to know that you can  hug, kiss, touch, play with, befriend, dance with, tickle, wrestle, play soccer with and LOVE people who are HIV+ without any risk of transmitting the virus. Anyone in Georgia who would like more information can contact me at hopefulinGA@gmail.com.

PH: Thank you so much, Amy! We love your passion for the Truth!