There are approximately 163 million orphans in the world.

While that figure may seem overwhelming, at Project HOPEFUL we’ve come to
appreciate the value of and power in changing ONE life at a time.

Consider joining Project HOPEFUL’s FIG Program:

Family in the Gap

You can become a FIG member in one of two ways; as a FIG advocate or through a FIG Foster Family Partnership.

In your role as FIG advocate you can:

  • commit to praying regularly for “your” child to find a forever family
  • spread awareness about your child and be instrumental in helping locate a family for them
  • raise money for your child’s adoption fund to help eliminate financial barriers presented by adoption

In your role as a FIG Foster Family Partner you can:

  • partner with families who foster children abroad.
  • participate in mission trips to meet the foster families
  • join in special fundraising efforts to pay for special projects to benefit the foster families.

Through the FIG program you will see your actions directly benefiting your child and the impact they make. Your biggest reward will come from knowing YOU are a significant positive force for change in that child’s life.

You really can change the world ONE child at a time! Project HOPEFUL will be by your side providing you with the support and resources you need to make it happen.

Read our FIG brochure. Please contact Traci to get started today.

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