Addicted to God Through the Orphan

This post is by our staff member, Jen Knapp:

Two years ago today, with great anticipation, I boarded a flight for Accra, Ghana. My husband stayed back with our other two daughters. I was finally going to bring Juliana home! The last six months of our second adoption had not gone at all how we expected. Not a surprise…now that we’re veterans! It was like a bad dream you couldn’t wake up from. Everything that was supposed to happen didn’t. Every promise that was made was broken. Every extra
documentation the Embassy asked for wasn’t enough.

Friends fasted. Neighbors cried. Government officials petitioned. We could not find favor in getting Juliana her Visa to come home. Thirteen weeks felt like thirteen years.

Until. God showed up.

He showed up in a very unexpected, powerful way through the organization I am writing this post for. Out of no where, I was reminded about an article I had read the previous winter. The article was in People Magazine about the founder of Project HOPEFUL. God prompted me to remember this article SO THAT I could find them at the right time. It seemed like God wanted to manifest his power and presence through the favor of this organization. And He did just that. Project HOPEFUL was used by the Lord to bring justice to a part of our adoption case that was unjust.

I was reminded again this past weekend of the responsibilities I have as a follower of Christ to grow up. To mature. The bible says in 1 Peter “like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good” [1 Peter 2:2-3]. Spiritual milk is supposed to be the experiences you have with God when He
shows up and makes himself known to you. Those moments you can’t deny when you got out of the way and it was all Him! Those moments that take your breath away and leave you asking “how did you just do that, Lord?”

To taste and see that the Lord is good, is drinking from that presence of God. And it leaves you wanting and craving more. To be told to crave spiritual milk, is actually a command to be addicted to God!

I’ve never experienced the real, tangible presence of God on a more consistent basis than I have with the global orphan care community. Through our two international adoptions, I’ve seen God’s power, protection, mercy and help so closely I could touch it. And the more I saw it, the more I wanted it. With Project HOPEFUL, I’ve seen babies literally given life saving surgeries in the last minute because God showed up. I’ve witnessed hundreds of complete strangers come
together and secure the funds to pay for an HIV+ woman to be transferred to a hospital that could save her life. I’ve stood in awe as I’ve watched brothers and sisters via social media sacrifice what they had to finalize the travel arrangements for a husband in Illinois to fly to Ukraine and help his weary wife bring home their newly adopted children.

Every time I’ve seen God show up on behalf of the orphan, I’ve found myself wanting more. Believing more.

Like when we find out a sibling group of three from Ethiopia needs a family and it has to happen soon because the oldest is getting close to aging out…in the past I would’ve gotten discouraged quickly thinking “alright, God, how are you going to do this?” But now! Now that I’ve seen and tasted that the Lord is good in the midst of orphan care…now I find myself saying “alright, God, here you go…show yourself off!”
And I want more. And more. And more.





So glad you’re home, sweet girl!

The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the view of each and every staff member at Project HOPEFUL.  Thank you for following along through our Adoption Awareness Month series!  For more information or if you have specific questions about any post, please reach out to us at

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