Hope + Sisterhood Trip to Uganda

I’m having trouble putting this trip into words.   They joy has been overwhelming but the sadness has been so deep.    This morning started with a precious woman who was very malnourished because she chooses to put her son in school and sacrifices meals to do that.  She is a trained laboratory technician but she can not get work because of the stigma that surrounds HIV.  She loves the Lord and has the light of Christ in her eyes.  This afternoon, I had a woman ask me if I would take her HIV+ baby and adopt her because she feared she would not live long enough to raise her.   In between these encounters were moments of joy, celebration and singing.  We visited many sisters and their successful projects.  They are thriving and so unbelievably grateful for the support they have received.  One sister very proudly told me that she was able to purchase eggs….this is a big deal because eggs are very expensive.   When we gave the sisters {just} 2 kilos of beans they erupted into song and dance.  While the moment was filled with joy I couldn’t help but ask myself the question:  have I ever been that grateful for anything?   Much less, food???  We’ve had the opportunity to share the Gospel with two Muslim women.  We’ve received news that two sisters who were Muslim have accepted Christ.  One sister shared her son’s medical certificate with me that showed he tested negative for HIV, because of the medicine she takes!  She was beaming!!

DSC_1162 (1024x678)



These women are amazing.  Their faith is inspiring.  Their sadness compels me to action.  I believe in this program more than I can ever put into words.   The HOPE+ sisterhood isn’t just changing the lives of women in Uganda….it is changing me.

DSC_1249 (1024x678)




If you are interested in becoming a sister, please email me at dawn@projecthopeful.org

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