Hope + Sisterhood Uganda Takes Off!

God continually knocks our socks off with the way He has provided for the needs of our friends in Uganda.  Through the HOPE+ sisterhood, 37 women are getting a “hand up” that is literally changing their lives.  But God is also showing us there is much more work to be done.  All of our sisters & their children receive free medical care from the newly constructed St. John medical clinic in Mukono.  After a lot of prayer and conversation, we felt that it made sense for Project HOPEFUL to get more involved in this clinic.  If we can be a part of helping in a holistic way, Lord willing, could we be part of preventing a child from ever becoming an orphan?

But with that decision comes responsibility and accountability which can produce the “deer in headlight” response.  But, God has consistently shown me just how much HE is in control of all of this.  There have been many nights when I have lost sleep trying to figure out how “I” was going to do this or how “We” were going to do that.  (check out this blog post:  Have Faith) What God has faithfully shown us is that all He needs is obedience.  We don’t really have to “Do” anything.

Richard Kibirango is a dear friend and serves on the board of the medical clinic.  His family took care of our family when we adopted our son Joseph.  He is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the brother I never had.  I trust him with my life….and the life of my children.   When Richard visited our family in May, I felt God pressing two things on my heart….staff salaries needed to be covered for one year at the medical clinic (for purposes of sustainability) and we needed an Ultrasound machine…stat.  Logically, it just made sense to pursue the ultrasound machine because it would produce income for the clinic, but more than that, I felt a personal commitment to it.  With school coming to an end, vacations, children at home, Funky Fish, etc…..there simply wasn’t time to work out the details.  The only thing I could find the time to do was create a blog post and share it.  And that was all God needed from me.

I am happy to share with you that we have just about 1/2 of what we need for staff salaries for the year….$7400.  PRAISE GOD!  The Spirit is moving and I believe the full $15,000 will be raised.

But that isn’t all.  I called Richard to share the news with him.  He was so excited and could barely speak.  We didn’t speak about the ultrasound machine because honestly….I didn’t feel like I had the bandwidth to do a fundraiser right now.  Before we hung up, he told me they had a small, yet urgent need.  Five women in the community will be giving birth in the next month or so and they really need a gynecological bed.  The cost is $350.  Believing this was absolutely doable, I said we could raise the funds.  I knew I could carve out the time to do a fundraiser for this small amount.  I talked with the Project HOPEFUL team about the need, asked if we could pull together a fundraiser, and received a “YES!  GO! GO! GO!  So, we began posting on Facebook and the donations started coming in.  Around this time I received an email that I was NOT expecting.  In a nutshell, it said this:


Say WHAT??  I wasn’t even working on that!  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???

Praise the Lord!!!  I love it when God just shows up and shows off!  Did the bed get paid for?  Yes, of course it did….because He is faithful and because of friends like YOU who consistently support the work of Project HOPEFUL.

So, I had the honor of calling Richard back and it went something like this:

Me:  “Richard….the bed is paid for!”

Richard: “Praise be to God Dawn, this is wonderful news”

Me: “Oh…and one other little thing.  The ultrasound machine is also paid for.”

Richard:  “What?  You are joking with me Dawn.  Are you serious?  I am falling off my chair.  Praise be to God…Praise be to God!”

I have been completely humbled today.  Seeing God’s faithfulness lived out is something that will always bring me to my knees.

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? – Matthew 6:26

There are still MANY needs in Mukono and much work to be done.  Project HOPEFUL has some very exciting things happening and we look forward to sharing them with you very soon.  If you feel God leading you to get more involved in our Uganda ministries, please email me at dawn@projecthopeful.org.

All for ONE,

Dawn Patterson

Director of Hope + Sisterhood – Uganda

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