Village of HOPE Guatemala: Partner with us!

When the Lord called us to start Villageof Hope, we all knew that it was way bigger than ourselves! We are so blessed by the leadership of Lifesong for Orphans and Project Hopeful and continue to be amazed at their experience and wisdom.
The other thing that the Lord continues to make clear to us day after day is that we are NOT in this alone… that this is the work of the Spirit and that He will call believers all over the world to be a part of the Village of Hope ministry.
It’s the stories that the Lord continues to write that break our hearts for the lost, the lonely, and the hurting in Guatemala.
Stories like Brenda
stories likeMario
stories likeRosa
and stories like Yessica
But that’s not where the work ends… the Lord has so clearly called us to provide family to those without… to provide hope to those with none… and to give
faith to those who don’t yet know Jesus. That’s what we are committed to and
we trust that the Lord will finish the good work that HE has started!
If you’re like many other Christians today, the Lord is breaking your heart and stirring within you to defend the cause of the orphan…. To do something about the plight of the orphan… we ask you to prayerfully consider bring HOPE to the hurting in Guatemala. The Lord can use your skills in so many ways… and in order to further our ministry, our work on the ground in Guatemala, we need the body of Christ to continue to work together… some the hands, some the feet, some the arms, some the heart… what is the Lord calling YOU to do?
Explore ways that you and your church can partner with
Village of Hope-Guatemala here.
Would you share about Village of Hope with 5 other people?
Would you make a donation to help us finish the required railings and other
projects around the property? Would you talk with your pastor or missions
director about your church partnering with Village of Hope? Ask the Lord… HE
alone will direct your path!
Consider helping us further the work the Lord has called us
to by making a monetary donation:

Photos courtesy of Lora Ann Photography

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