Uganda Day 4: For the King!

Follow along with Dawn Patterson, our Director of HOPE+Sisterhood Uganda as she visits Uganda this week.

I have been so inspired by these women. Each and every woman has hopes and dreams. Every woman prays for “health and long life”. They want to have work so they can take care of the children God has blessed them with. Even the ones who have small business that provide just what they need desire to grow their business. Not because they want nicer “things” but because they want to leave a legacy for their children. Every mama wants what is best for their children….the sisters of HOPE+ are no different.

Some women are trained to be tailors….but lack a sewing machine. Some women know how to rear pigs…but lack the funds to purchase piglets. Some women have homes in perfect locations to set up small stores…but lack the funds to purchase inventory. One woman is a trained baker….but lackes the funds to purchase baking supplies.

Every woman we met WANTS to work. None of them expects anyone to “fix” their situation or desires someone to take care of them. The one thing I heard over and over was “no capital”. Most people have just what they need to “survive” so trying to plan for any future is impossible. Most of these women do not husbands. They have either passed away, abandoned them or are very sick themselves.

They just need a hand up. That’s where YOU come in. You can partner with a sister and help to make a difference in her life. Be the change these women so desperately need. For 6 months you can walk with your sister, encourage her and offer the financial support she needs to better her life.
Uganda Day 4
The sisterhood program lasts 6 months and costs $40 a month. Not sure you can cover $40 by your self? Considering pairing up with a friend and do $20 each. I am faithful that God will provide each and every woman with a sister.

While I can’t guarantee every story will have a happy ending, I know this. If you are reading this post and are feeling our heart stir then you are probably being called to do something. You know that feeling. The one when your heart pounds and you just KNOW you are supposed to act? Maybe it’s not about what you are going to do for your sister. Maybe it’s about what your sister is going to do for you. Or maybe it’s just about obedience to the Lord. Either way, I believe with my whole heart that you won’t regret it.

“The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for me or the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

To learn more about the HOPE+Sisterhood in Uganda, contact Dawn at

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