Uganda Day 3: HOPE and a Future

Follow along with Dawn Patterson, our Director of HOPE+Sisterhood Uganda as she visits Uganda this week.

Today was an amazing, unbelievable and powerful day. The women of the HOPE+ Sisterhood are truly inspirational. Their stories were heart breaking yet somehow their spirits spill over from the love of Jesus. Seriously, you can see Jesus in the eyes of some of these women.

One of these women is Rose. I wish each and every one of you could meet Rose face to face so she could inspire you the way she inspired us. Rose has given me permission to share her story with each and everyUganda Day 3 Dawn and Rose one of you. She is courageous and strong in ways I can’t even explain. She loves Jesus with everything she has and spends her time encouraging other women with HIV to “live positively”. She speaks to large groups to educate them about the TRUTH of HIV. She is so proud of the work she does and can’t believe the things the Lord has done in her life.

Today she shared with us about her life before Jesus. She was a bartender and owned 3 bars. She had men in every village she would go to. She had a very promiscuous lifestyle even though she was married and did not know the Lord. In 2005 she gave her life to Christ. Shortly after, she discovered she was HIV+. In 2007, her husband died of AIDS.

Ladies doing a skitToday she is the leader of the Mamas of HOPE. These are the mamas who are entering the HOPE+ sisterhood. She encourages all the women to live positively and ministers to the women daily. She says “I am so happy with Jesus”. Rose attends church regularly and is also a leader in her church. The women of her church come together and perform “skits” in front of large groups to help them understand HIV. We had the privilege of seeing one of their skits yesterday and they are all amazing actresses!

Rose has remarried and her husband remains negative. Rose is on ARV’s and is very healthy. She understands the importance of adherence and says she has good nutrition. Rose is a wonderful mother to five children, the oldest is 20 and the youngest is 1 year old. She is also expecting a baby.

Rose and her husband have a very small home but they do not have a good income. She is able to live off of the land but wants to be able to provide for her children better. Because she lives in good location to set up a store, she would like to open up a small store in front of her home so she can have a better income.

I am continuing to pray that God will bring forward each and every woman who is meant to be a sister to these dear women. I hope you will join me in that prayer and consider being a sister yourself. You will not regret it.Uganda Day 3 Taking a walk

“For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. Plans to prosper you, not harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

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2 responses to “Uganda Day 3: HOPE and a Future

  1. How does one go about becoming a sister? 🙂 Sounds like a great program!

  2. jenniferkooshian

    Hi Julie, Thank you for your interest! You can get information on becoming a sister by writing Dawn Patterson at

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