Uganda Report – Day One

Follow along with Dawn Patterson, our Director of HOPE+Sisterhood Uganda as she visits Uganda this week.

What makes a 21 year old girl leave the comforts of her home, family and friends? Jesus

What makes a 21 year old girl start a ministry in a foreign country so far from home? Jesus

What enables a 21 year old girl to pour her heart into caring for the least of the least of the least of these? Jesus


Today we visited Ekisa ministries run by two beautiful young women….”the Emilys”. To say that we were humbled is an understatement. I can not wrap my mind around the courage it would take to do what they do on a daily basis. They are caring for special need children in Jinja, Uganda who have been orphaned or abandandoned. These children are priceless. They are beautiful. Most importantly, they are children of God who are being shown the love of Jesus through these amazing women.

I truly look forward to seeing how Project HOPEFUL will be working with this ministry in the future. Please keep these sweet women and the children they lovingly care for in your prayers.UgandaDay1a

2 responses to “Uganda Report – Day One

  1. Am interested in the Jinga home for special needs children.Especially in the child in the pic.with the two Emily’s. Do these children have sponsors ? Please let me know. I want a name for this child!!
    Lola Gardner

  2. jenniferkooshian

    Hi Lola, Thank you for your interest! You can get information on becoming a sister by writing Dawn Patterson at

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