Meet-Up Monday: Meet our Massachusetts State Associate, Debbie Lambrecht

Debbie Lambrecht - Massachusetts State Associate

Massachusetts’ Project HOPEFUL State Association is up and running!  Today we interview their State Associate, Debbie Lambrecht in another Meet-up Monday post.

PH:  Debbie, tell us how you first learned about Project HOPEFUL ?

DL:  My husband and I were at a family gathering and my cousin”s wife’s mother mentioned that her college room mate’s little sister(OK…Was that all confusing enough?:) had adopted several children from Romania that were positive. Their adoption had taken place during the 80’s and the kids were thriving. My husband and I were already looking at what our next adoption would look like and I couldn’t help but research positive adoptions! I soon discovered several factual sources that made us feel that a positive adoption could be in our future…after much prayer, we discovered Project HOPEFUL and found that more of our questions were answered. We wholeheartedly pursued our next adoption!

PH: What are your favorite aspects of Project HOPEFUL’s mission?

DL: I LOVE the educational aspect of the Project HOPEFUL mission! My crew has watched the “Truth Pandemic” video more than 100 times. We love sharing it with friends! TRUTH is contagious…SPREAD IT!

PH: What about Project HOPEFUL are you the most passionate about?

DL: I am passionate about advocating for waiting children. Every child was born to have a home and 3 letters should not prohibit that God given right!

PH: What do you want your fellow states-people to know/learn/believe about HIV adoption?

DL: That it is soooo doable! A child living with HIV is not a threat to your current family and friends! Educate folks and stigma disappears!

PH: Do you have any events scheduled that you could tell us about?

DL: Lots of GREAT stuff in the works! In the meantime, if you are in Massachusetts, Email me at ! Let’s do coffee!

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