1 in 4 Americans believe HIV Can Be Transmitted By Sharing A Drinking Glass

You might recall the inspiration for our Truth Pandemic campaign video was the statistic by the Kaiser Family Foundation that levels of knowledge of HIV/AIDS had not increased in the US since 1987.

The newest report doesn’t offer much hope that a lot has changed. Still, 25% of Americans don’t know the three main ways HIV can be transmitted and HOW IT IS NOT. This kind of ignorance is unacceptable. Project HOPEFUL will continue our work as ever to ensure that anyone who is willing to listen knows the TRUTH about HIV/AIDS and orphans with the virus.

Have you shared our video with your friends lately? If not, maybe today’s statistic will inspire you to decrease the number of people still afraid to share a drink with a friend who is HIV+ by giving them a healthy dose of reality. Truth is contagious. Spread it

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