We need you!

Today we’d like to ask a very special favor of you all.  As you know, today is the big day; the voting day for Project HOPEFUL in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program!  We need your help in spreading the word one last time and it’s a very simple thing to do.

Today from 6 a.m. to midnight EST, we would like every friend of Project HOPEFUL to donate their Facebook status.  Simply tell your friends that you are voting for Project HOPEFUL and that you are asking them to do the same and then keep that as your status for the whole day.  Be sure to give them this link  http://www.carsforgood.com/app_live/index.php so that they know where they need to go.  Remind them that a few simple clicks can make a huge impact on the lives of hundreds of children living with HIV.

This one last challenge has an extra special incentive. We are giving away 11 t-shirts for June 11th!  When you post your voting day status, come back here to this post and tell us in the comments that you did.  We will then enter you in the contest for one of eleven Send Me tees, which we will be giving away Sunday afternoon, June 12th.

Thank you again for your partnership with Project HOPEFUL! You are making a difference!

24 responses to “We need you!

  1. Tanya Robinson

    Voted, invited, and posted on FB!!

  2. i voted and put the link to vote as my status! love what you all are doing & so hopeful that you win! =)

  3. voted and posted a link on facebook!

  4. voted! and status update is changed asking others to vote as well. hope you guys win!

  5. I had a reminder set for today!

    I’ve voted and posted the voting information to my Facebook status (Jessica Fields Rudder).


  6. Kristin Thomson

    I voted and posted!! ❤ Project Hopeful!!

  7. Voted this morning- and put it as my status!! Love ya!!!

  8. I voted and shared in my status!!!

  9. Voted and posted the link as my status 🙂

  10. I voted and posted it on FB….I want you to come to California….we need you!!! 🙂

  11. I voted and put it as my stauts!

  12. I voted first thing in the morning! I’m going to re-post for anyone who did not catch it! Praying you guys get this car!!!! 🙂


  14. I voted and re posted on fb

  15. Delisa Wegner

    Just voted and posted it on my facebook wall. I hope that you win!!

  16. Voted… posted info on fb… recruiting family…took over hubbys fb for an extra vote 🙂 go PH you ladies and ur cause truly rock!

  17. I voted and posted a link on FB – I hope you all win!

  18. Voted and shared/tweeted/invited! Just updated my status to encourage friends who may have missed the morning post. I really, really hope PH wins the contest – what a great way to get the message out there!

  19. I Voted and set my status for my Friends to Vote, too!


  20. voted and put it on my FB page!

  21. voted and shared on my FB page!

  22. voted and put it on my FB status…hubby too.
    So close!!!

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