Do you know the truth?

The day we learned the Kaiser Family Foundation had conducted a study determining that levels of knowledge about HIV/AIDS had not increased in the United States among the general population since 1987 we knew something HAD to change.  Project HOPEFUL is working hard to do our part to change that statistic through our educational initiative called the Truth Pandemic.

Project HOPEFUL’s goal is to spread the truth about HIV/AIDS and orphans with the virus in pandemic proportions so that no orphaned child will suffer due to lack of knowledge. Because waiting orphans need families NOW, we’re driven to do whatever we can to make a difference. But, we need your help!

Please, take a moment to watch our video and learn the facts about HIV/AIDS:

Today’s Project HOPEFUL giveaway will test your knowledge of the facts and help you spread the TRUTH to the people around you.  Simply copy/paste the questions below, add your answers, and email them to Every contestant who answers all the questions correctly will be entered into our drawing to win an exclusive Project HOPEFUL “Send Me” tee shirt. (Hint: all the answers can be found by watching the Truth Pandemic video above or reading through our Your Questions Answered booklet)

These “Send Me” tees will be sold to help Project HOPEFUL raise enough funds to take our educational workshops to every state and help us spread truth further!

By taking these simple steps you can be an advocate for change and help eliminate social stigma. Who knows? Maybe the person you share the facts with today will become a parent to a waiting orphan with HIV/AIDS tomorrow?

Giveaway Questions:

1.) What are the three main ways HIV is transmitted?

2.) What does HIV stand for?

3.) What does AIDS stand for?

4.) Are children with HIV/AIDS who are receiving proper medical care expected to die early?

5.) Has HIV ever been transmitted among family members under normal living circumstances?

Don’t forget to email your answers to!

Please don’t forget to vote for Project HOPEFUL on June 11th (That’s TOMORROW!) In the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program.

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