Send Me T-Shirt Giveaway: Challenge #3

Since the founding of Project HOPEFUL, we have known many children with HIV and AIDS.  Some of them have died before a family has found them.  However, we have never known a child, no matter how ill, to die in their birth country once they know that a family is coming.  The HOPE that they have is such a powerful force in their hearts that they will beat incredible odds waiting for their family to come for them. Project HOPEFUL has had the wonderful privilege of seeing 20 children matched with families just since this past April!

Project HOPEFUL’s Waiting Kids page currently includes almost 200 children who need the HOPE of knowing that a family is coming for them.  If we could reach just four families in each state with our message of HOPE and TRUTH  imagine the impact on this list alone!

Today, we’d like to challenge you to pick just one of those waiting children and advocate for them using your blog, Facebook and Twitter.  Scroll through the Waiting Kids pages and find a story that you want to share.  When you click on the child/ren’s name, choose the option along the top of the page for sharing it.  Then come back here and tell us who you advocated for.  We will choose an entry (via at 11am Central Time Friday morning (June 10th).

You can be a part of bringing HOPE to a child with this simple act of love!

Vote for Project HOPEFUL on June11th in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program and help us educate more families and individuals so they can advocate for and adopt these wonderful waiting children.

9 responses to “Send Me T-Shirt Giveaway: Challenge #3

  1. I advocated for Sergio

  2. I advocated for Alina & Daniel!!!

  3. Tanya Robinson

    I advocated for Sergio in Russia on FB. I want him. Sadly, he’s not mine.

  4. I wrote about Melodie. I missed the piece about a “share” option on the listing page itself, so I wrote an entry, using her photo and info and linked to the Project HOPEFUL page and to the Waiting Kids page. Praying the Lord uses all our voices to help these kids find homes quickly.

  5. I advocated for Tatiana. I didn’t realize we could do this before, so I’m excited to be able to help in this way!!! =)

  6. I advocated for Tatiana on Facebook and Twitter. ( ). She is so adorable!

  7. This challenge has ended. Thank you so much for entering and for advocating for these precious children!

    Today’s winner of the Send Me t-shirt is Tanya Robinson! Congratulations!

    Please send your address and t-shirt size to to claim your prize.

  8. Tanya Robinson


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