The Truth is Contagious. Spread it!

Carolyn Twietmeyer, Project HOPEFUL

If you’ve seen our Toyota 100 Cars for Good Campaign video, it may be that you’ve wondered “’Send Me?’… Send them where?”  Perhaps you’ve been wondering how all of the threads of Project HOPEFUL tie together.

Project HOPEFUL is dedicated to educating people about HIV/AIDS and helping prospective adoptive parents understand the practicalities of raising children with the virus. We have over five years experience successfully enabling individuals and families to adopt kids with HIV. Our parent workshops held in partnership with the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital Adoption Center have been hugely successful. We are pleased to say that over 95% of families who attend our forums complete adoptions of children with HIV/AIDS.

Project HOPEFUL seeks to support adoption agencies as well. Project HOPEFUL can work with agency staff to coordinate webinars for families where Project HOPEFUL staff members can answer questions about adoption and HIV+ parenting. Using our Your Questions Answered booklet as a mini curriculum and following our open Q&A format we can equip prospective adoptive parents with basic facts about HIV/AIDS and help clear up any myths surrounding the virus or parenting these kids.

Project HOPEFUL is also working to partner with Local Pediatric Infectious Disease (PID) specialists in every state available to replicate our educational workshops like the ones we hold with the University of Chicago in order provide access for prospective adoptive families to the medical professionals in their area.

We at Project HOPEFUL believe that we can make an enormous impact on the future of children around the world who are HIV+ through our efforts to eradicate social stigma in every state, but we lack funding.  One way that you can make a great difference is to visit our store.  We have a new t-shirt coming out very soon called the “Send Me” shirt.  The sales of this shirt will profoundly impact our ability to reach every state with the Truth Pandemic so that we can continue our work of educating, encouraging, and enabling families and individuals to advocate for and/or adopt children with HIV/AIDS.

Want more ways to help? Vote for us on June 11th.  Toyota, USA is giving away 100 cars in 100 days to the charity that receives the most votes on their voting day.  A new car will bring our highly successful, life-changing workshops to every state so more people are equipped to advocate for and adopt orphans with HIV.  If you need a reminder on the day of the vote, you can use this direct link within Facebook : Remind Me to Vote . And while you’re on Facebook, make sure that you invite all of your friends to join this Facebook Group for updates and some special giveaways leading up to the June 11th vote.

Most of all, whether you wear a t-shirt, sport some amazing necklaces or post the Truth Pandemic video

take the TRUTH and Spread it!

2 responses to “The Truth is Contagious. Spread it!

  1. as far as your workshops, how long are they? We are in Lafayette, IN, and I would LOVE to be able to have you come and do a session (or more?) here. The church here does institute-type classes on Wednesday nights, covering a wide variety of topics, from Bible studies to first aid, etc. Do you have any informational packets you send out that would cover what you teach and the different format you can teach in? Something I could pass along to the pastor that heads up FCI (Faith Community Institute)?
    my email:
    Thank you!

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