Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good & Project HOPEFUL

Project HOPEFUL submitted an application along with 5,000 other non profit organizations to Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program. We have been notified that we made the top 500 finalists. This means we have a chance to be one of 100 organizations that win a vehicle for Project HOPEFUL use. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

Project HOPEFUL conducts educational seminars all over the country. Our  NON COMPENSATED Staff covers the expense out of our own pockets. A Project HOPEFUL vehicle would cut down on those travel expenses immensely.

Project HOPEFUL would like to increase the number of educational parent forums we host by bringing them to areas that lack educational opportunities. A vehicle would help us further expand our educational initiatives. We would also like to develop a mobile clinic with the University of Chicago and other regional medical clinics to offer services to people without access to them.

All of this can be achieved through Project HOPEFUL winning a Toyota Sienna . On June 11 you’ll have a chance to vote for Project HOPEFUL to win in the 100 Cars for Good program. Voting is for one day only so we’re counting on you to help us make the most of it!

We’ll provide you more information as voting day approaches. For now you can watch a quick video about the program:

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