HOPEFUL Profile: Scott Pusey and Family

Scott Pusey & Family

Last November our organization “Vision to Becca” attended the Mid-Atlantic Orphans Summit in Hershey, PA where we met Carolyn and Project Hopeful. We all chose different break out sessions and my wife happened to chose the HIV session. When we met afterward my wife told me all about it and all of the great things she learned about Orphans with HIV. She also commented that the people doing the presentation we Extremely Passionate about what they told everyone… Our kind of people…lol.

To be honest, before hearing what my wife told me about Orphans with HIV I had never really thought of it or considered it too much… Or had I???

The previous May/June I was on a Missions trip in Southeast Asia, where my organization is working. We helped an american family move back to care for the worst case medical needs of orphans. Before we left they were asked to take in their first child, a 2 year old girl that was just left alone in the world because her mom died from AIDS the month before. They had never cared for a child with HIV before so we prayed with them long and hard about it… And before we left they decided it was God’s will.

Several months past and God laid a burden on my heart for this little girl. I would pray for her and end up in tears… Pleading with God for her life. I contacted our friends about whether or not she was available for adoption. They told us that it was not… It seems that the girl had a known father that was in prison… And, that they tried to take her to the local children’s hospital for treatment and testing, but they just closed the door in their face. With out an examination she would never be able to be listed for adoption.

A little while later, our organization held a worship and vision meeting. We praised God for the lives of the children that we were helping provide for, praying specifically for each child and their need. I was on my knees and praying over the girls picture, again pleading for her life and crying for the fate of this little girl. I then told God, if it’s your will for us to adopt this girl, show us how.

Later I contacted our friends and explained to them that I felt God was telling us to adopt her. But they told us again that it would take a miracle of vast proportions for that to happen. 2 weeks later, they contacted me to tell me that the local pastor decided to go to the orphanage to plead with them to list her for adoption. This was the first step!

Two weeks later is when we heard Project Hopefuls story… It was confirmation that God was going to do something Awesome!

Last February, I heard again from our friends… And they told us that the impossible had happened. The Local orphanage had agreed to file her paperwork!!!

We are currently finishing our home study and should be able to send our Dossier shortly after for the adoption of 2 children. One boy, 7 years old with a Congenital Heart Defect and has been waiting for 3 years for a forever family… The second is the little girl with HIV. Both Children we prayed for and asked God to show us how… And He did!!!

I’ve been in contact with Carolyn several times since November to let her know about our progress.

Thank you Project Hopeful for DARING to tell us the TRUTH!!!
Be blessed!
Scott <><

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