State Associates Make A Difference

Project HOPEFUL has initiated a program called State Associations to expand our support system to reach families adopting across the US by replicating the successful Parent Forum we created in partnership with the University of Chicago Adoption Clinic. State Associate, Deanna Jones Falchook, is working with Duke University to bring educational resources, medical, and emotional support to North Carolina families. You can read all about the exciting advancements on the Project HOPEFUL NC Blog HERE.


If you are interested in becoming a Project HOPEFUL State Associate please contact Audrey Baker,, for more information.

3 responses to “State Associates Make A Difference

  1. We are so excited about Deanna Jones Falchook and Project Hopeful’s support for NC families. You have no idea!! 🙂

  2. Wanted to let you know I’m in the process of listing the state fact sheets on the Yahoo Group:

    Might be of help to your state associations.

  3. Great resource, Positively Orphaned – thank you!

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