Mission Trip Opportunity!!!

UPDATE: This trip has been postponed.  Thank you for your interest in this mission trip with Project HOPEFUL and Visiting Orphans. Please check back… we WILL be traveling to Ethiopia soon. If you would like more information please contact Andrea at betterthangood10@gmail.com


Project HOPEFUL is teaming up with Visiting Orphans and heading to Ethiopia and Uganda in April!!

Our first stop will be in the beautiful city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We will be visiting Korah, the leper colony which is on the out skirts of the city. Korah is grown to so much more than just place for people with leprosy.. it houses people with HIV and cancer and other illnesses that have caused these people to become outcasts. Our desire is to visit with these people and share the love of Christ with them. These are the people who Jesus wanted to hang out with and share love with, and that is our goal as well. We hope to visit with the women and children that are living with HIV and reach out to them. We hope to lay ground work to build relationships and see how we can help them long-term.

We will also be visiting Entoto Mountain and the ministry there. We have amazing jewelry that was made by the women in this community. One of a kind pieces that are stunning. We will be exploring ways that we might work in relationship with them as well.

We hope to visit the Mother Theresa orphanage and love on what is said to be home to 400 children with HIV. We will be bringing our puppet ministry to them and sharing the love and redemption of Christ.

Then it’s on to Uganda!! We will spend our time here building relationships. We hope to visit a couple of ministries that serve the children in the area. We are also hoping to put together  a clinic of sorts that will educate the people about HIV as well as work to break down the barriers of stigma and fear.

We are still finalizing the details of the itinerary, but are so very excited about where God is leading this team!

We still have space available but time is becoming limited! You know you want to come! If God is calling you please don’t hesitate we are coming down to the wire and we need you to come with us and share this incredible experience!

Trip Dates: April 11 thru April 23
Cost: 3400 – 3600 per person depending on the cost of flights
Included in the cost:
– International Airfare
– 3 Meals a Day
– Accommodations
– In-country Transportation
– Translator/Guide for the Team
– Travel Insurance

You can apply here.

If you have questions about the trip please contact Andrea at betterthangood10@gmail.com.

It’s going to be EPIC! Let’s go! 

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