Time out Tuesday


I am writing this “time out Tuesday” on Wednesday.  Between snow storms and schooling, blog posts tend to get bumped a bit. 

When I consider the amount of snow that has blanketed the mid-west overnight, I compare it to the amount of children who are waiting.  In addition to snow, yesterday 6 new children were sent to Project HOPEFUL hoping for assistance in finding them a family.  Three brief emails equaled 6 more precious little ones buried under the hopelessness of their position.  The position of being HIV+ in an eastern European country that is ill-equipped to care for them.  One little girl has down’s syndrome.  Her HIV+ status is not yet confirmed, but she was born to an HIV+ mother.  It will be a few more months before we will know for sure if she is positive.  I received a video of another little boy living in a very impoverished area.  He does not have HIV however the fact that he has some diagnosis is certain.  These children would thrive with the proper intervention.  Even the mildest of infirmaties blossom into permanent disabilities when left unaddressed in an institution. 

Look for these new children to appear very soon on our waiting child list.  They wait for a family and a FIG member to commit to advocate for them while their family is being found.  Please visit our waiting child list and commit to stand in the gap for one of them.  Contact me at traci@projecthopeful.org to become a FIG member for someone today.

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