A Thank You From Davids’ New Family

Mike and I would like to send our deepest appreciation for the overwhelming love that has been extended to Davids and to our family.  We serve a mighty and magnificent Savior.  There is no doubt in my mind that my REDEEMER LIVES!  Project Hopeful is a wonderful organization that stepped up to serve the Lord and take care of this precious child.  I am honored, humbled and stand in complete amazement at the love extended from my sisters and brothers in Christ.  I cannot wait to share this story and amazing love from your organization.  Please extend our thanks to all that have given towards Davids’ adoption.  We commit to help in the future for another child that will come forward and require God’ s hand of protection.  Thank you for your dedication and for listening to the call to help those in need.  We look so forward to the journey to Latvia. Mike and I both are filled with so much love for both of these boys and cannot wait to have them home with our family.  God is good on the mountain and in the valley.  He answers prayer and I have witnessed a miracle.  I will shout it from the rooftops.
May God continue to bless the efforts of Project Hopeful and many more children out there who wait upon the Lord for a “forever family”.
In Christ,
Mike and Penny Kilgore
To follow the Kilgore family adoption story please visit their BLOG

One response to “A Thank You From Davids’ New Family

  1. LATVIA!!! This is the first I’ve ever heard about adopting from Latvia! Do write more about it Please!!!

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