Gifts Keep Coming

**UPDATE** 1/14/11, 9:17 am central, 214 donors have given $10,853.16!! You can now “meet” David’s family on their BLOG

**UPDATE** 1/13/11, 8:45 pm central, 186 donors have given $9,790.16 and have now provided approximately HALF of Davids’ family’s adoption expenses. Miraculous!

**UPDATE** 1/13/11, 2:02 pm central, $2000 donation received for Davids’ fund. 155 donors have now given $8,241 to bring Davids home.

**UPDATE** 1/13/11, 2:oo pm central time, 154 donors have given $6,241 to David’s fund!

We’ve got amazing news to share.  Gifts continued to pour in over night and after just 24 hours the total for Davids adoption fund is now over $4000!

We are happy to announce that an eligible family has stepped forward to adopt Davids. He WILL have a family after all! All thanks to the swift action of so many who took an active roll in advocating for Davids by getting his story out and contributing to his adoption fund.

Davids prospective adoptive family meets the requirements but will have just six months to complete his adoption. The financial hurdles which must be cleared to bring Davids home are still great. And there are still risks. After most of the fees have been waived/reduced Davids’ family will still need to come up with $15,000-20,000 in the next six months (for fees and travel expenses). But we believe in nothing short of a miracle for Davids and his family. We KNOW God sets the lonely in families. We’ve seen the community rally together to support Davids and believe the support will continue.

We need your help. Please continue to spread word about Davids’ story and his adoption fund. Project HOPEFUL will continue accepting donations until Davids’ fund is full or his adoption is complete.

To make a generous tax-deductible donation to Davids’ adoption fund please visit our DONATE page and mark “Davids” in the comment section.

3 responses to “Gifts Keep Coming

  1. This is amazing, the Lord is good. Wishing the best for David’s and his new family!!

  2. I would like to get updates about Davids. Thank you.

  3. Rejoicing For Davids

    Patricia, Davids’ new family has a blog up now at: 🙂

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