Davids Needs A Home

See this  precious young man. His name is Davids. He lives in Latvia. He needs a family NOW. On Jan 23rd he will turn 16 and will no longer be available for adoption.The family that had previously committed to his adoption backed out for unknown reasons.

Davids will be released out into the world to no one and nothing, left to fend for himself. Can you imagine being 16 and completely alone in the world? How does one even begin to carve out a life for himself with a start like that?

Le Ann of yousmiletoo.blogspot.com posted what Davids’ social worker had to say about the stress and its effect on Davids:

“Hello Le Ann,
I wish to ask you about one of our boys, his name is Davids T. ……
Till this day we never received more information about the adopting family, and we confirmed that the Ministry also has no information yet. I must share, we are all worried and concerned. Davids became so nervous in this last month, his attention to everything is gone. Yesterday he was moved to hospital, because of problems with his stomach relating to the stress of not knowing. We know this all is because he is so close to his 16th birthday; it’s on 23 January this year………
We wish to know the truth to share so he can know and be happy again.”

Davids already has a grant for $1500.00 through another organization but, of course, this is not nearly enough. The family that adopts him will need $15,000- 20,000 to complete his adoption. (This is after many fees have been reduced) Project HOPEFUL is now accepting donations for Davids’ adoption fund. We want to do whatever we can to make his path to a family as smooth as possible after all he’s been through. Because anyone adopting Davids would be doing so on very short notice our goal is to provide as much of the funds as necessary.

Davids does NOT have HIV. Project HOPEFUL advocates for children with special needs including older children who are harder to place or, as in Davids’ case, about to age out of the system.

To make a generous tax-deductible donation to Davids’ adoption fund please visit our DONATE page and mark “Davids” in the comment section.

You can read the heart breaking account of Davids’ adoption saga on the blog of a woman whose family hosted Davids in her home last summer. click HERE.

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