Introducing “Time-out Tuesday”

. . . where we take time out to remember the children still waiting.   In every country around the globe, millions of children merely exist with no one to call their own.  No morning wake-up song, no kisses for scraped knees, no reassurance that they are loved.  No hope.

In my last post I featured Peyton, one of the children waiting.  Instead of featuring just one child this week, I wish to bring them all to your attention.  Currently on the Project HOPEFUL waiting child list there are 118 kids including 4 sibling groups.  They are from all parts of the world: Asia, Russia, Ghana, Eastern Europe, Latin America, as well as 2 other countries in Africa. 

All are HIV+.    All need a home.   All need hope.

The FIG program exists to change this reality.  We propose to raise up an army of warriors praying, advocating, raising funds, bridging the gap between hopelessness and fulfillment.  Today I ask you to consider how you might fill the gap for them. 

Please pray for them.  Make a donation into someone’s fund.  Consider becoming a FIG member for one of them.  Consider being a FAMILY for one of them. 

If you have any questions at all, contact me, Traci, at .

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