FIG: Meet Peyton!

Hi, I am Traci Heim, Director of the FIG program.  I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the program to you, stress its importance and introduce the children who will benefit from it.

FIG has two sponsorship opportunities.  The Orphan to Home program matches a waiting child with a FIG member.  This sponsor will pray regularly, advocate ardently, offer monthly financial support and hold fundraisers.  These subsequent funds will be held in account to be given as a grant to offset adoption expenses.

The other option is foster care sponsorship.  We have partnered with Mercy Projects International (formally Eastern European Outreach) for foster care sponsorships in Eastern Europe.  They changed their name to indicate their expansion into Armenia, Kosovo, India, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, and even here in the U.S.  We look forward to supporting more foster families in these other countries as the program expands.

Every week or two, I will take the opportunity to feature a child or sibling group from our waiting child list who still needs a FIG sponsor.

This is Peyton (not real name).  He is 4 years old.  He has beautiful brown eyes and dimples.  It is important that a family is found for him soon because at five years of age he will be transferred to another institution.  It is vital to adopt children out of this particular Eastern European country prior to the age of five because their risk of being placed into an institution that they cannot be released from is great.  Currently Peyton resides in an attentive orphanage with an adoption friendly court system.

If you would like to be a FIG family for Peyton, please contact me at .  I will get you started right away.

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