Truth Pandemic Campaign

People living with HIV around the world are stigmatized because of lack of knowledge about transmission facts. We shared a link on the blog of just one child’s story. But there are countless untold stories you and I will never hear about.

Unfortunately, there is one story we at Project HOPEFUL do hear all too often. It’s the story of people living right here, in the US, facing social stigma. It’s true! Orphans in other nations aren’t the only ones being stigmatized in their communities.

Project HOPEFUL knows stigma MUST end in 2010!

We at Project HOPEFUL have something up our sleeves in the fight against social stigma. Our most effective weapon is the off the charts CUTE factor of our Project HOPEFUL kids.

Project HOPEFUL has pulled out the big guns. We’ve unleashed the knock-your-socks-off CUTENESS of our HIV+ children and their siblings who worked hard to help create the Truth Pandemic video, and we couldn’t be prouder of the results! We think you’ll be impressed, too.

The Truth Pandemic video was created as a tool for people like you to share with friends and family this World AIDS Day. (December 1, 2010) But the hope is it won’t stop there.

The need to combat social stigma exists everyday for children and adults living with the virus. Changing false perceptions about HIV takes ALL of us getting involved. Despite the enormous advancements in the treatment of HIV/AIDS the public at large still remains ignorant about even the most basic transmission facts. Spreading the truth requires EVERYONE sharing what they know with whoever will listen.

You can join us in helping to end stigma by sharing the truth about HIV/AIDS with your friends and family. In honor of World AIDS Day Project HOPEFUL is asking YOU to watch the Truth Pandemic video and forward it to just 5 friends. This small act can literally change life for a person suffering from stigma and free them from the pain of shame and isolation.

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